Time and forgotten passwords


I like how my forgetfulness leads me somehow back here. I got fortunate today to find my page and have it opened somehow, again I saved the password to this device and luckily it worked. So many times before have I struggled with my passwords that I gave up. Hence the long gaps in my musings. So today I compose more randomness.

It’s been quite a while and I have jumped from making things just following patterns, to creating them from my own brain. AND actually writing down the pattern for a few things. I have made a darth vader inspired motif, a pair of shoes for the cabbage patch (daughter) of my Ice Princess,  a flower scrubby and  a  few  smallish things. I’m not venturing into the design part too soon but it was interesting to see what my pattern writing capabilities were at and I think I did ok.  I don’t have a business page or a ravelry page with my designs but I hope with more practice I might add them to my collection and one day have a shop.

I have so many ideas for things to create and it stems from not being pleased with a  free pattern that’s out there wrought with errors, or for being straight up inspired to making it, and or my lack of funds to purchase a pattern.  For the latter, I try to test. I have assisted so many different designers and have contributed in perfecting their designs.  It’s still enjoyable and I have made many wonderful friends and items as a result.

Although it has been over a year since I made this pattern, it was set up and looks like a pattern. It’s my first one and I’m quite proud of it. I shared it in a group on fb but didn’t get much feedback, soo I’m posting my link here. Maybe someone out there may want to make it and give me some feedback. Let’s call this a test 😅

Laurie Kahn aka


has challenged her testers to design things and I tried. There are so many talented individuals out there that have created things through the encouragement from her. She has always been one to push her testers to try something new. I’m not saying she’s the only one out there who encourages her testers but each one I have tested for have enriched my skill as a crocheter and have made my knowledge far more better had I not tried to be a tester. Thanks designers for your allowing me to test and helping me grow immensely! Thanks Laurie for the skulls!

Anywho,  here is the pattern link:




Too Much with too little


So I haven’t wrote nothing for a good while, I was busy making things and enjoying the holidays. As part of my enjoyment, I got carried away with saving things on my device, so my collections of patterns, tips, and photos of inspired pieces, have pretty much decimated my storage space on my tablet. Although I do have a micro sd Card, I still have a desire to acquire more of these wondrous creations. I have to also mention in the saved files, I do take pictures regularly of my Ice Princess and needless to say, I’m scurrying as quickly as I can to save my things, but I’m lagging on that end.

Well, the whole process is frustrating. I wish I knew how to link one device with another without losing time, but it is what it is. I have learned though, that if I want to be successful in this endeavor, I have to stay away from those temping sites like Pinterest,  Ravelery and Facebook, there are others, but these 3 are the leaders of the pack. Facebook, is the biggest temptation. Too many awesome creative minds all in one space for my greedy self to partake in. I go looking for a person, update, whatever, and end up in this or that and get linked here, then there, downloading that awesome hat or this cool new technique. I am sick with it. Then the spiral begins again.

As a result of my eagerness to acquire, I again was trying to link my saved files to another device, which led me here by way of another link via my email, which I was trying to get to my other email, but of course I forgot that password, etc.. it never fails. I tell you it’s a bottomless wondrous pit of patterns, pictures, and knowledge that I would love to swim in all day, but I have to figure this transferring of files out. So I can save more.

I will try to fight the temptation to collect, but I don’t know how strong I am. It is truly a new weakness of mine. My immediate resolution for this year is to learn to save things in the clouds of the Interweb….boy I am so lost. Wish me well, and Happy New Years:)

Yarn hoarder am I

Yarn hoarder am I

I love yarn. I loved it from the moment I learned to knit and crochet. I’m a novice yarn hoarder but I’ve seen pictures of people’s hoards that put me to shame. I want to grow up to be just like them.
I try to keep my stash under control and under wraps. At one time all my yarn was organized by color neatly put away in reusable grocery store bags. Today, it’s all in different containers ever slowly spewing forth from the living room, discernable only to me. I have a love seat I claimed as mine with one side holding my current unfinished object and one of its arms having at least 8 project containers or bags gingerly balanced ontop if it with different types of yarns that are designated to a particular project within each one, like I said only me. I’m a hot mess. Smh. So sad that my attempts at organization have come to this.
No, it’s not really sad, because my man gave up his man cave to ease the ridiculousness of the crafty yarn hoarder in the living room. I’ll admit it, I have no shame, I like looking at all the crafty materials from which I can create freely. I like the cluttered look of half finished projects and let’s not forget to mention the other crafts I dabble in… nevermind, that’s another subject…
I’m happy that soon, very, very soon I’ll have an area all my own dedicated to the crafty yarn hoarding individual I am. Although I’ll share the space with a 3 year old, her art supplies will not hinder me not one bit. That to me is a good thing as well, especially since I can play with her stash. Win win.