Yarn hoarder am I

Yarn hoarder am I

I love yarn. I loved it from the moment I learned to knit and crochet. I’m a novice yarn hoarder but I’ve seen pictures of people’s hoards that put me to shame. I want to grow up to be just like them.
I try to keep my stash under control and under wraps. At one time all my yarn was organized by color neatly put away in reusable grocery store bags. Today, it’s all in different containers ever slowly spewing forth from the living room, discernable only to me. I have a love seat I claimed as mine with one side holding my current unfinished object and one of its arms having at least 8 project containers or bags gingerly balanced ontop if it with different types of yarns that are designated to a particular project within each one, like I said only me. I’m a hot mess. Smh. So sad that my attempts at organization have come to this.
No, it’s not really sad, because my man gave up his man cave to ease the ridiculousness of the crafty yarn hoarder in the living room. I’ll admit it, I have no shame, I like looking at all the crafty materials from which I can create freely. I like the cluttered look of half finished projects and let’s not forget to mention the other crafts I dabble in… nevermind, that’s another subject…
I’m happy that soon, very, very soon I’ll have an area all my own dedicated to the crafty yarn hoarding individual I am. Although I’ll share the space with a 3 year old, her art supplies will not hinder me not one bit. That to me is a good thing as well, especially since I can play with her stash. Win win.

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