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Time and forgotten passwords


I like how my forgetfulness leads me somehow back here. I got fortunate today to find my page and have it opened somehow, again I saved the password to this device and luckily it worked. So many times before have I struggled with my passwords that I gave up. Hence the long gaps in my musings. So today I compose more randomness.

It’s been quite a while and I have jumped from making things just following patterns, to creating them from my own brain. AND actually writing down the pattern for a few things. I have made a darth vader inspired motif, a pair of shoes for the cabbage patch (daughter) of my Ice Princess,  a flower scrubby and  a  few  smallish things. I’m not venturing into the design part too soon but it was interesting to see what my pattern writing capabilities were at and I think I did ok.  I don’t have a business page or a ravelry page with my designs but I hope with more practice I might add them to my collection and one day have a shop.

I have so many ideas for things to create and it stems from not being pleased with a  free pattern that’s out there wrought with errors, or for being straight up inspired to making it, and or my lack of funds to purchase a pattern.  For the latter, I try to test. I have assisted so many different designers and have contributed in perfecting their designs.  It’s still enjoyable and I have made many wonderful friends and items as a result.

Although it has been over a year since I made this pattern, it was set up and looks like a pattern. It’s my first one and I’m quite proud of it. I shared it in a group on fb but didn’t get much feedback, soo I’m posting my link here. Maybe someone out there may want to make it and give me some feedback. Let’s call this a test 😅

Laurie Kahn aka

has challenged her testers to design things and I tried. There are so many talented individuals out there that have created things through the encouragement from her. She has always been one to push her testers to try something new. I’m not saying she’s the only one out there who encourages her testers but each one I have tested for have enriched my skill as a crocheter and have made my knowledge far more better had I not tried to be a tester. Thanks designers for your allowing me to test and helping me grow immensely! Thanks Laurie for the skulls!

Anywho,  here is the pattern link: